Sesame Noodle

Noodles date back as far as the Chinese Han Dynasty of 206 BC. With essential starches needed to balance out proteins, noodles are consumed daily by many people.

Noodles are served in a variety of ways, including soup, stir fry, and even cold dishes.  Many dishes call for the use of sesame oil, and cold noodles are often splashed with this oil prior to serving. This practice may have given sesame noodles their start.

This is where Yosi Kitchen takes over...

sesame-noodle-smSpecial spice mixture is the secret to the Yosi Kitchen taste

Once you try our Sesame Noodles you will see why they don't last long at the store.  We use a special blend of spices and fresh, hand cut herb mixtures to give the Yosi Kitchen Sesame noodles their tasty and spicy flavor.  We also include honey and soy sauce in our blend to meld the flavors into that special place.

All our products are packaged by hand and delivered to the grocers shelf within 24 hours to ensure that the product is the freshest possible for you and your guests.


We use our own blend of herbs & spices to create our unique Sesame Noodle flavor