Falafel with Tahini


Some History...

Falafel grew to become a common form of fast food in the Middle East.  Falafel became so popular that McDonald's now serves a "McFalafel" in some countries.

Falafel plays an iconic role in Israeli cuisine and is wildly considered to be the national dish of the country. While falafel is not a specifically Jewish dish, it was eaten by Mizrahi Jews in their countries of origin. Later, it was adopted by early Jewish immigrants to Palestine.  Due to its being entirely plant based, it is considered parve under Jewish dietary laws and gained acceptance because it could be eaten with meat or dairy meals.


falafel-tahiniMade at Yosi Kitchen from the finest ingredients

We start with fresh chicpeas, garlic, onions and our special herb and spice mix - then we add the magic ingredient - our own special Tahini.  The ingredients are all ground and mixed together and the falafel balls are formed by hand.  They are immediately deep fried, colled and packaged.

All our products are packaged by hand and delivered to the grocers shelf within 24 hours to ensure that the product is the freshest possible for you and your guests.

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Yosi Kitchen Falafel is the best around!