Eggplant Salad

The fruit of a plant originally from India, eggplant is a berry that is eaten as a vegetable. There are several varieties of eggplants.
 The purple-skinned eggplant, which has an elongated form like a large pear, is the most well-known variety. The Asian or "Chinese" eggplant refers to several varieties that can be as small as an egg, long and thin, or resemble a cluster of grapes. The thin, shiny, smooth skin can be dark or light purple, cream, white, green or orange.

Although mostly water (92%) the eggplant is a great source of potasium and  contains folic acid, copper, vitamin B6 
and magnesium.
  It has properties that are diuretic, laxative and calming.


eggplant-salad-smYosi Kitchen transforms the eggplant into a delicious and fresh salad

We start with fresh eggplant and dice it by hand to ensure that only the highest quality pieces are used.  The eggplant is then deep fried and cooled.  We add fresh, sliced red bell peppers, garlic, lemon juice, oil, salt and pepper and mix it thouroughly to create a wonderful cold salad.  Our eggpland salad goes well as a side dish with any meal or can stand alone as a mid-day snack.

All our products are packaged by hand and delivered to the grocers shelf within 24 hours to ensure that the product is the freshest possible for you and your guests.


Yosi Kitchen makes the best Eggplant Salad around